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The Engineering Division operates in the field of civil / construction and plant design, by offering to the customer an integrated service “turnkey”. The work team work in a coordinated manner with “matrix” criteria, managing the problems according to the different specializations of technical components, ensuring fast response and high level of preparation.

The Engineering Division is responsible for design and construction of new buildings (industrial, civil and residential) and the renovation of existing buildings. The integrated management of structural and plant problems is the key to success for achieving excellent standards of quality in the final result.

Below is a short list of the main activities of the Engineering Division:

  • Preliminary, final and enforceable design in the structural and architectural field, for civil and industrial works;
  • Design, testing, control of thermo-technical, electrical and electronic plans for civil and industrial use;
  • Designing the adaptation and optimization of existing plants;
  • Energy analysis of buildings, energy certification and qualification;
  • Design and verification of systems for the rational use of energy (photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass, solar thermal, aeolic);
  • Consulting and construction management;
  • Processing and managing of maintenance plants;
  • Design of cogeneration and trigeneration plants;
  • Feasibility studies and environmental impact for new installations;
  • Technical expertise.