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Technical Expertise


The Technical Expertise Division is made up of experts in the plant engineering, construction, environmental and occupational safety sectors; we assist clients for disputes related to non-compliance of plants, machinery and buildings, as well as for criminal proceedings following environmental assessments or for accidents at work / occupational diseases.

We take care of the necessary paperwork for obtaining tax breaks (Industry 4.0), developing the related appraisals and technical analyzes, as well as following the customer in the machine / plant interconnection phases and related functional testing.

We prepare sworn appraisals of estimates relating to machinery, buildings and plants.

We are registered in the lists of experts of the Court of Padua in both civil and criminal matters; we also manage, on behalf of the Court, arbitration for disputes in the insurance sector.

We collaborate with leading law firms to guarantee the client the necessary coordination between technical consultant and lawyer, a necessary aspect for a successful outcome of the procedure.

The main services offered by the Technical Expertise Division are:

  • Assignment of party technical consultant (CTP) for civil proceedings, memory processing and technical expertise and customer assistance during the proceedings;
  • Assumption of the assignment of a party expert for criminal proceedings, elaboration of a party’s technical expertise and assistance to the customer during the proceedings;
  • Preventive study of the cause and definition of the strategy with the client and with the appointed lawyers;
  • Elaboration of technical conformity assessments of machinery, plants and buildings (for sales, acquisitions, etc. ..);
  • Elaboration of sworn technical appraisals for compliance with Industry 4.0 and management of the interconnection process;
  • Preparation of appraisals for the appraisal of machinery, plants and buildings;
  • On-site technical assessments and instrumental surveys (machinery, plants and buildings).