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Fire Prevention


The Fire Prevention Division is at your disposal for the management of practices relating to the design of new buildings (industrial, civil / commercial and residential), the renovation and adaptation of existing buildings, the structural / plant verification and the management of technical / organizational measures. for fire prevention and protection.

Our structure operates according to advanced methodologies, in full alignment with the requirements of the Fire Prevention Code (DM 03/08/2015 and subsequent amendments), applying, where necessary, the engineering approach to fire prevention (performance approach – Fire safety Engineering) which allows to optimize the activity subject to control by the Fire Brigade, organizing preventive and protective measures (starting from the structural design to finally arrive at the emergency management plan and the fire safety management system) according to the real use of the structure by users.

Below is a short list of the main activities relating to the fire prevention division.

  • Preparation of fire prevention projects for the request for a prior opinion, issue and renewal of the Fire Prevention Certificate (Presidential Decree 151/11 and Ministerial Decree 03/08/2015), including projects in derogation with Fire Safety Engineering;
  • Audit and verification of compliance with fire prevention regulations;
    Feasibility studies for adaptations to fire prevention regulations;
  • Verification and testing of fire-fighting water networks and active fire protection systems;
  • Design of fire extinguishing systems for hydrants, sprinklers, reels, foam, Water-Mist, Hi-Fog, inert gases;
  • Consultancy and construction management in the field of fire prevention;
  • Management of obligations for activities not subject to a Fire Prevention Certificate (fire risk assessment according to Ministerial Decree 03/09/2021 so-called “Mini Code”);
  • Verification of compliance with the fire control register, fire prevention control activities, qualifications of personnel in charge of controls and implementation of the fire safety management system (Decrees 1 and 2 September 2021);
  • Technical compliance appraisals;
  • Technical / legal assistance for the management of administrative and / or criminal proceedings following accidents;
  • Insurance appraisals and policy analysis / management.